Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers Help You for Great Holiday

By | June 8, 2021

How long have you been staying at home? During this so-called pandemic, I’d like to say that I miss my fantastic holiday more than everything. What about you? Well, I guess we are on the same boat. Maybe I cannot go across the nations, but a hotel will be one of my great escapes. LOL

Why Do We Need a Great Holiday?

There are lots of reasons why people need a holiday. After the whole routine we have, we need to refresh everything. Here are some advantages of having a fabulous holiday.

To Stay Healthy

Going to a nice place is a great way to keep healthy. We have done lots of things every day- the same things as a routine. So, holidays are the things we need the most. No wonder, during the holiday we take, we will move our body actively with a happy feeling. This is good for our body. Especially for those who have been sitting in their office hours too much.

To Recharge The Energy

We have a holiday as one of the ways to escape from the routines. We are eager to find something different from the ones we have in daily life. Thus, when we are on a holiday, we tend to see something new and it will refresh our minds along with recharge our energy.

To Have Quality Time

As humans, we cannot live alone. We need others to complete us. They could be friends or families. During holidays, we can bond together and create quality time with them. It is a great time to get closer to one another after the tight office hours. Our families need us as well.

To Have Better Sleeping Quality

Do you always have great sleep every day? A tight sleep without thinking of what I should do for tomorrow? Will my presentation go well? How many papers should be submitted? I rarely get those chances. Most of my nights are spent thinking about work matters. I think I’ve done it. That’s why I need a holiday. By having a holiday, I want to have better sleeping quality.

To Broaden Knowledge

Have I mentioned finding something new during the holiday? Yes. That’s all the holiday is about. What we haven’t seen or met will broaden our knowledge. I can say that holiday is not only about escaping from the routines, but also refreshing our mind by fulfilling it with something new.

To Be Happy

What do you expect from a holiday? It must be happiness. We don’t have holidays for being sad. If it has happened to you, I am sorry that I have to say: it is NOT a holiday. For all the reasons to have a holiday, being happy is the key point. We get out of our routines to have new feelings. One of them is a feeling of happiness. No debate.

To Stay Young

In the end, happiness brings us to this reason. Staying young because of happiness is one of the effects of having a holiday. No wonder lots of people (especially the rich ones) have lots of holidays. Of course, to pay for their hard work. Well, no offense, if they know how to balance life, why don’t we? 

Holidays are not for rich people, holidays are for anyone who NEEDS them.

I am not that rich, but I need holidays. If you are at the same level as me, let’s gather now. Because I have good news for us.

Have you heard about Singapore Rediscovers Voucher? 

Let me tell you more about it. These vouchers are our tickets for having great holidays during the pandemic. There are lots of hotels that are fabulous for staycation moments. What are you saying? I call it YES.

Yes! We can spend our time by having a staycation in the best Singapore hotels or maybe you want to have the finest attractions? It is all up to you.

There are lots of big deals that can match your holiday planning. You can have the best deal as well as rewards from bank partners. Have a great holiday and make your short escape before going back to the office. You guys gotta promise me to stay happy. Go get your holiday planning now or never.

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